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Welcome to Project ENABLE Training Initial Assessment Module 1: Disability Awareness Module 2: Disability Law & Policy Module 3: Creating an Accessible Library Module 4: Planning Inclusive Programs and Instruction Module 5: Assistive Technology in Libraries Module 6: Targeting Autism in Libraries Final Assessment Training Resources

Welcome to Project ENABLE Training




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Welcome to the Project ENABLE training Web site, providing free and accessible professional development on delivering effective, inclusive library and information services and programs to students of all abilities. This site presents five learning modules containing information on many topics and in many formats, such as video, text, graphics, quizzes and assessments, and links to outside sources. You may choose which content you wish to access and in what order, although we highly recommend completing Module 1 before proceeding to other modules.

While this site provides training for all educators who support diverse learners, we focus particularly on the school, public, and academic librarian to reach our goal of equity for all students. You will automatically receive content based on the responses on your registration form.


Here are some of the exciting and innovative training components you will find as you proceed through the training:


My Ideas

In the top right corner of the Project ENABLE Web site (every page) is a button labeled "My Ideas" that takes you to the profile you created upon registering for this training. In your profile you will also find your quiz and assessment scores. In each module you may decide to add your own ideas to the text box labeled "My Ideas." These can be saved and accessed at any time.


Learning Modules

The Project ENABLE training site contains five self-paced learning modules, each focused on a major area of content related to library and information services to students with disabilities. Each module includes an introduction, learning objectives, a set of topics, examples, activities, related resources, and a brief self-assessment. We estimate the amount of time to engage in and complete all five learning modules to total ten hours.


Interactivity and Engagement

You will have an opportunity to engage with the material in a number of different ways, such as reading text on screen, watching videos, participating in games and other activities, and answering questions. The following icons will be used throughout the site to represent different modes of engagement.


Watch a video

Read a document

Brainstorm ideas

Answer one or more questions

Listen to a podcast

Participate in an activity


Quizzes and Assessments

As you go through each module, you will learn essential information related to that area of content. Before moving on to the next module, we encourage you to take the module self-assessment, consisting of five questions (randomly generated from a pool of 45) to determine how well you learned the information presented in the module. Therefore, each time you return to the module, you will likely get several new quiz questions.


The site includes an Initial and a Final Assessment, in order to measure your learning before and after completing the training. Before you begin, we encourage you to take the Initial Assessment, consisting of 30 randomized questions (generated from a pool of 150) that test your current knowledge. You will get immediate feedback on how well you did.


Unless you are taking this assessment as part of a class or group, no-one else will see your score. If you are taking the assessment as part of a class or group, only you and your instructor will have access to your scores. After you have gone through all five learning modules, you will have an opportunity to take the Project ENABLE Final Assessment and compare it to your initial score to see how much you have learned.


Certificate of Achievement

If you have completed all five learning modules and received at least a score of 3 out of 5 on all five module quizzes, you will automatically receive a Project ENABLE Certificate of Achievement in "My Ideas." If your institution awards professional development credits, we have estimated that completion of the Project ENABLE training requires approximately ten hours of participation time, excluding outside links, module quizzes and assessments.

We thank you for participating in this training site and hope you find it both motivating and beneficial for meeting your professional goals.


We gratefully acknowledge funding and support for Project ENABLE from the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian and Laura Bush 21st Century Library Continuation Grants of the Institute for Museum & Library Services and from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University.