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Expanding Non-discriminatory Access By Librarians Everywhere

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Vision and Goals

Our vision is to provide professional development for library professionals from all types of libraries in order to build capacity for providing equitable access and services to students with disabilities, an underserved population. Project ENABLE training is intended to

(1) raise the level of librarians' understanding of and sensitivity for the library and information needs of students with disabilities and

(2) foster their ability to develop programs and services, provide adequate facilities, and select appropriate resources and technologies to meet those needs.



We have three specific goals:

Librarians, library paraprofessionals, and library administrators nationwide will participate in Project ENABLE online professional development on meeting the library and information needs of preK-grade12 students with disabilities.

Training participants will demonstrate an increase in understanding and knowledge of providing services that meet the library and information needs of students with disabilities.

A variety of individual and groups of librarians and library paraprofessionals nationwide will participate in the fully accessible training Web site.