The ENABLEd Librarian: New Look For Project Enable

  September 01, 2017 |    Ruth V. Small, Ph.D., Director, Project ENABLE

September 2017

You may have noticed…we have a new look! Our project team and our partners at Data Momentum, Inc. in Ithaca, New York have been working hard to add value to the Project ENABLE website by updates, revisions, and enhancements. We've made a number of changes that we hope you will find make the site more attractive, user-friendly and navigable.

Here are just a few of the additions or revisions we've made:

  • The home page is simpler and more colorful.

  • The registration process has been simplified.

  • We added a searchable database of soon to be 700+ resources on a wide variety of disabilities and in a wide variety of formats for children and adults.

  • We added quick links to the Login and Register functions.

  • There is a monthly posting of this blog, The ENABLEd Librarian.

The Resources database will allow you to search its hundreds of resources by disability, target audience, format, and keyword. Here are a few examples of ways in which this database might be useful:

  • The database will allow an elementary school librarian to search for a book about learning disabilities to read to a 3rd grade class that has a new student with dyslexia.


  • The database provides the opportunity for a public library director about to begin the renovation process to learn more about how to make her library more accessible through articles by experts on Universal Design and videos by librarians who demonstrate how they have made their libraries more accessible using UD principles.


  • An academic librarian can search the database for resources on how to create programs for college students that are inclusive, using Universal Design for Learning principles.


  • A father, with a young child who has been newly diagnosed with autism, will be able to search the database for books that will help him better understand what this means for his family and what he can do to help and support his child.

Later this year, we will be making another major addition to this site. We'll be adding a new learning module called "Targeting Autism"! This is the first time Project ENABLE will have a module totally focused on a specific disability. I'll be sharing more about the Targeting Autism module in my next blog.

See you next month with the next installment of The ENABLEd Librarian!



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