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The ENABLED Librarian: April/May 2018
by: Dr. Ruth V. Small, Ph.D., Director, Project ENABLE

Let's start this blog post with some questions. Do you know the answers?

  1. What does it mean to be a "spectrum disorder"?
  2. What type of disorder is autism?
  3. Can autism be caused by a child having an unloving mother?

(See the answers to these questions at the end of this post.)


The ENABLEd Librarian: Becoming an Inclusive Librarian in an Accessible Library
by: Ruth V. Small, Ph.D., Director, Project ENABLE

Although ALA policies have long supported inclusion and accommodations for people with disabilities, librarians often lack the skills and knowledge to effectively design, implement and evaluate services, resources and programs for patrons with a range of physical, developmental and/or learning disabilities. While this can be a formidable challenge to some libraries and librarians, become acquainted with and applying the principles of Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning is a great place to start.